It's time to ditch the rule book, leverage your edge, capitalize on your strengths and COMMAND your career.


Designed to position you as the go-to leader who can command top dollar and eliminate the competition.


There is a reason why you landed here today and you are ready to control of your success, career and wellbeing.  


You don't have time to add more to your to-do. This is why I created a strategic, yet straightforward program called 'Command Your Career'


Do any of these sound like you?

➤You are stuck in the same role. Tired of being passed over for Director roles or seeing less qualified, less experienced peers get the roles that you should have been a front runner to?

➤ You are a high-performing professional that started your career with a clear path, grew at full speed, and yet you cannot seem to break into the next level.

➤ Your career plan carried you up until now but now you are asking "What is next?". You fear making the wrong move, stuck in analysis paralysis, and regretting not going for it.

➤ You are an invaluable top performer but your financial compensation doesn't show it.

 You're at a crossroads where you can't imagine working any harder yet you are not ready to give up on what you want.  

➤ You refuse to lower the bar, yet you're burning the candle at both ends, managing emails at odd hours, and working around the clock, leaving little time for you, your family, or your health.

➤ You've considered a less demanding job because living in a cycle of frustration and overwhelm is NOT longer something you are willing to accept.  

So what's needed to go from where you are to where you want to be?


Hint: It's NOT just getting another job, finding a new resume template online, reading more Linkedin articles, or feeling pressured to simply 'work harder'.


There is a more straightforward and uncomplicated way to dominate your career, eliminate burnout for good and finally conquer the goals you are after.


Life-changing results happening inside Command Your Career Program:


- A Senior Manager who went from being frustrated her talents were not being utilized and felt stuck in the same role for years to an executive role in less than 6 months. Guess what else? She switched to a dream discipline in the process & got a salary bump of $70k/year.

- An entry-level contractor (who had started over) and fearful she made a mistake to receiving 3 promotions in 12 months. The best part? She was then headhunted by a major competitor and positioned herself 2 levels higher. $50k/year increase in the first year.

Senior Technical Leader at Fortune 500 successfully pitched a a $25k/year salary increase that reflected the years of experience she brought to the table AND positioned herself to be a Director.

- Executive level went from feeling like her schedule ran her life to creating a sustainable routine that serves her personal needs, more family time all while leading a bigger organization at work. 


What exactly do you need to achieve these types of results? 


Command Your Career focuses on 4 core principles:


[Authority & Influence] System


 +Million $ Brand Framework: Master your gifts

+Authority & Influence Spotlight: Magnify your reach


[Time Freedom] System


+Break off the Burnout Cycle: Maximize your energy

+Halt the chaos: Re-gain control of your time 

Promote: [Acceleration] System


+Stop the chase: Become a magnet to greatness 

+Trajectory Maximization: the clarity around the “how” 


[Money] System


+Command top dollar for your gifts 

+Break the plateau, finally create generational wealth  



I pride myself in helping my clients: 

- Command a career that is in alignment with their greatest gifts and expertise 

- Be massively compensated for their time and knowledge 

- Feel the weight lifted that you can absolutely control your destiny

I have quickly become the go-to coach for high performing women. I have extensive experience navigating the corporate world making a name for myself. As an immigrant, a mother of two, wife, people leader, and coach, I understand the dynamic of what it takes to wear many hats. 

 I hold a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering, Masters in Business, and Leadership Training from Harvard.

I also believe that coaching is not just a "title" I decided to give myself one day. I am a Certified Leadership Coach, DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer, with training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. 

I combine my experience leading multi-billion dollar projects, large organizations, coaching credentials and deliver a straightforward coaching perspective for my clients. 

As seen on...

My clients get life-changing results...

Oil & Gas Account Manager: Re-branded herself, transitioned industries & made +$30K/year more in the process

"I didn't know what an impact coaching could have on my career and my life. Andrea showed me ways to streamline efficiencies in all aspects of your life, pushing to set the bar high and pursue your goals relentlessly. I have taken more responsibility at work that I was seeking all while becoming more involved in my community. And it does not hurt that I'm making more money when others say it was impossible"

Engineering Lead: Dream position created for her, +$25k/year gain in <6 months

"I followed Andrea's strategy and quickly noticed a major impact at work. I was able to position myself for my dream role (which was created for me!) and made more money in the process. She understands the pressure of wearing many hats and has cracked the code in how to help me do more without sacrificing my mental health. I continue to work with her because I keep reaching higher targets faster!"

Senior VP: More responsibility without sacrificing family time

"I came to this program as I took more responsibility at work. In just a few weeks, I was uncovering some blocks that were weighing much heavier than I realized. I love the accountability she provides because my brain needs that structure. The key with Andrea is that she understand you which makes the trust component easy."

Staff Dev Ops Leader: Created a strong brand resulting in access to 'secret' company bonus

"My coworkers have noticed the change of mentality and the different actions I now take towards moving up in my career. I'm being chosen for leadership roles that impact global initiatives. Do not hesitate when investing in yourself."

Private coaching is designed for coachable professionals that want to capitalize on their talents and skyrocket their career.  


+Further improve on the fundamentals: 

  • Self-awareness & Communication skills
  • Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, and empathy
  • Influence & leading during times of change
  • Motivation and engagement, leading with vision, and purpose
  • Building effective teams
  • Strategy and strategic thinking
  • Working with uncertainty and ambiguity; decision skills

+Personalized coaching program

  • Personalized action plan and clear milestones

+Private access to industry-leading assessments. 

  • Personalized reports provide you with powerful insight into several important areas in which your natural style presents itself in your personal and professional life. 
  • As your coach, I will guide you through using this design combination to help you gain the most insight & maximize how you can better know yourself and grow yourself. 

+Daily support & communication.

+If you are unsure if you are ready for coaching - fill out the form and let's chat! 

  • We will do a free 30-minute goal assessment session to better understand how we can work together & determine if it's a good fit.

Not ready for private coaching but want a push in the right direction?

One time Coaching Intensive (60 minutes)


What can you expect? 

+Leave session with top 2 strategies to implement right away.

What kind of topics could we cover?

+Gain clarity in your job search strategy.

+Get career development strategy

+Gain confidence in how to have a career pivot

+Tired of being at a standstill at your company? This is for you! Let's figure out what is holding you back.

+Gain confidence on how to tackle your goals. (Even better - get clear on what goals matter)

+Craft a networking strategy and remove the guesswork. 

*Due to my client list, spots are very limited per month so act fast!*

Book a 30 minute session
Book a 90 minute session

Career Intensive testimonials

"Thank you so much for your advice and coaching today. I feel empowered to develop the skills you highlighted." - 30-minute session client

With my strategies, 1:1 support, accountability in your corner. 

You'll be able to...

Million $ Brand Framework: Master your gifts

Build an edge against your competition so that you are positioned as the go-to leader and receive the platform to make an impact.

Authority & Influence Spotlight: Magnify your reach

Elevate your game plan so are freed from constantly having to prove yourself and claim your worth.

Break off the Burnout Cycle: Maximize your energy

Create a 360 approach that replenishes your energy without relying on cortisol levels, always feeling pressured to be ‘on” or taking a lower level role

Halt the chaos: Re-gain control of your time   

Regain control of your time so you stop letting resentment, shame and guilt run your life.

Stop the chase: Become a magnet to greatness 

Learn the framework to pitch new internal positions and be prepared to  negotiate regardless of the setting or audience. Attract the right people and opportunities come directly to you. 

Command top dollar for your gifts 

Position yourself to be in the top 1% and align your financial exchange for your expertise and skills. Position yourself to grow your income so that you never feel a financial plateau again


We do this through...

✅Industry Leading Assessments

✅Deed Dive Strategy Call

✅On-demand Tools & Resources

✅Unlimited Direct support 

✅Private Coaching Calls

✅Personalized Development Plan

If you're ready to command top dollar and your potential be recognized, book a call.