Don’t Dream Small

career dreams goals Sep 24, 2020

I don’t want to be good at everything but when I talk about why it means so much to me to have a very effective schedule, to always focus on being a better performer, not only in my career but in life as a mom and as a wife, I know there are some things I need to be great at. I have really big goals and I don’t dream small. 

Most people dream small because they don’t want to face the potential disappointment that a big dream may bring. By not dreaming big you are not allowing yourself to reach your full potential. You’ll miss the opportunity to reach your ultimate goal. 

Fear of failure can have you stuck in an unsuccessful, unsatisfying career. 

Are you dreaming big enough?

If you’re not motivated enough to move forward and take action, either your dreams are too small or you’re not dreaming at all. So many people are afraid to dream big, set exciting goals, and take the steps needed to reach those goals. And so many people are afraid to even dream out loud for fear that others will think those dreams or the benefits of those dreams are too materialistic. 

People who like material things are often said to be selfish people. Often materialism is equated with those who care more about material things and possessions more than they care about values, morals, and other non-physical things. As if there’s no way to like material things and still be extremely caring about non-physical things. You can have both.

It’s perfectly ok to like material things. It’s ok to eat at 5 star restaurants and drink expensive bottles of wine. You can like doing things that you don’t have to think about and don’t have to question if you have money in your account or if you can afford to do something. 

It’s possible there are some people that will say all you care about is money, but money is the only thing success is about. Enjoying success is being able to like nice things and having the willingness to work your ass off for what you like. It’s ok to dream of a better life that doesn’t just include success, but abundance as well. No one is going to give anything to you. So don’t be afraid to want bigger things. 

Do your Dreams Scare You?

Do you convince yourself that your dreams of having bigger, better, more luxurious things are unattainable because you’re afraid of the work that it will take? Why are you afraid? This is a question you must answer honestly because self-limiting beliefs can make it impossible for you to go after your dreams. There are some things that are inevitable when it comes to chasing your dreams, like detours, bumps, failures, and mistakes. But those things don’t make your dreams impossible to achieve, it means you must be prepared and resilient for when those things happen so you can get up, dust yourself off, learn from it, and keep moving forward. 

The takeaway

I want to give you permission to dream big and want nice things that you can pay for yourself. You don’t owe anyone an explanation and if someone thinks you’re materialistic, that’s on them. That’s their limiting belief, not yours. You can’t live your life worried about what everyone else is going to say. Worrying about others' opinions of you is unnecessarily exhausting.

Sometimes family and even close friends will not believe in your dreams. Focus on your whys instead of using others’ opinions as an excuse to give up. Don’t give that energy to naysayers. You can dream of your family’s future and retire wealthy. Believing in your dreams can open up endless opportunities in your life. So don’t dream small. 


“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promist of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall, at last, unveil.” - James Allen


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